Narooma Mobile Leisure Sport

Creating Fun, Laughter and Lasting Memories

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Connect 4 $60 for 2 hours    

Pick Up Sticks - 2 hours for $25

Ring Toss     - 2 hours for $25

Bocce          - 2 hours for $25

Croquet       - 2 hours for $35

Skittles        - 2 hours for $35

Lawn Games

Our Lawn Games creates fun, laughter and memories for any event weather it be a wedding, a family reunion, an engagement, party, perhaps it is a work event or a festival. The Lawn Games are designed with creativity and old-fashioned fun in mind helping to break the ice between families and friends over a game or two, and we don’t just mean the children! Adults love them too! Keep everyone entertained and laughing, players and spectators!

Hire separately or package the games together.

Available in two great locations 

South Coast  and Bathurst NSW


Noughts And Crosses - 2 hours for $25